Best Smart Cycling Helmet Bluetooth Smart Bike Helmet

Cyclists are often living an a active lifestyle and are constantly on the go. Often they ride their cyclists in the darker part of the days as well. We hope our next review will help you to choose right gadget to be safe on the roads. This smart bike gadget is one of the best cycling helmets that will be very handy – the LIVALL Bluetooth Smart Bike Helmet.

This helmet has 7 features in one. To begin with, it is offered on the market in five different color options: Black, white, red, blue, and yellow. These colors are bright and fun! Choosing one for your liking and preference will not be a problem. The helmet is 280 X 220 X 239mm and is suitable for 54-62cm head circumferences.

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Cycling Helmet Bluetooth Smart Bike Helmet

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This Smart Helmet has many wonderful features. One of them, is that it has a bluetooth remote controller. One can connect that remote to their helmet and then place the remote itself on the bike steering wheel. After that, one can press the right button when they are turning right and the left button when turning left. When pressing the buttons, the lights on the helmet turn on to allow drivers behind to know where one is turning.

Best Bluetooth Smart Bike Helmet

Also, the helmet has a built in microphone and speaker. One can press the button and speak so their voice will come out louder through the intercom. They can also hands free speak on the phone and use the walkie talkie mode. Another wonderful feature, is that riders can take photographs with just the press of a button on the remote. The SOS alert will guarantee that if the rider gets into an unfortunate situation, help will be provided.

Best Cycling Helmet Bluetooth Smart Bike Helmet

The rider can also install an app on their mobile device so that with the help of the helmet they can track and collect various data. 380 mAh military lithium battery in the helmet can be charge with a micro USB cable. In just about 2 hours of charge time one will be provided with up to 10 hours of usage.

Overall, the LIVALL smart helmet is a very convenient item for those who ride their cyclists often. It is durable, long lasting, and has many wonderful features to provide safety and full convenience.

LIVALL 7in1 Cycling Helmet Bluetooth Smart Bike Helmet,
LED Tail Light, Phone Call, Music Player, Camera Support APP

Bluetooth Smart Bike Helmet

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  1. Morgan // 07.11.2017 at 13:22 // Reply

    wow Really very interesting information about Helement, I love this info, Recently my friend suggested me one site 47 Zone
    who provided Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth for the biker, Really it’s very good and very helping when we are riding in bike we don’t talk in properly to the urgent phone call, but now I am talking in a good way to use this Helement with Bluetooth on riding time.
    Keep Blogging
    Thank you


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