Universal WiFi Extender Wireless Range Extender

Having great internet coverage is important to most of us. We install WiFi in our homes and offices, however it is not always that we receive the connection that we hope for. In this review, we have looked at universal WiFi Extender YINet AC750 Wireless Dual Band Range Extender.

This WiFi extender is for receiving perfect coverage for one’s laptops, tablets and smartphones. This range extender provides fast access for IEEE 802.11a/g/b/n and 802.11ac WiFi devices. It also delivers dual internet speed of about 750 Mbps.

Wireless Range Extender

YINet AC750 750Mbps Universal Wi-Fi Extender
Wireless Dual Band Range Extender

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This will be wonderful for all those that enjoy streaming movies, videos and playing various games. It works great with any standard router to provide coverage in places that are hard to reach. For example, throughout the backyard or home.

This YINet WiFi range extender also provides maximum WLAN security with the WPA2, WPA and WEP. This way other users will not be able to connect and use your internet. The wireless security encryption is quite easy and can be done with just a push of the WPS button. Another great feature, is that this WiFi extender is very easy to use. One can just plug it into the wall outlet and with software wizard set it up. Future buyers are also offered the option of buying it with a EU, US,  or UK plug.

Universal Wifi Extender

This WiFi extender also has a convenient power button to switch it on or off. There is also a reset button, if it stops working the way it needs to and one should reset it. The compact size of 75mm x 52mm x 85mm and weight of 100g makes it small enough and it will fit any interior and room design.

Universal Wifi Extender Wireless Range Extender

Overall, this YINet AC750 WiFi range extender is receiving positive feedback from other users. It is very compact and convenient. It will provide very fast internet access in all the places where the coverage is not so great or does not reach at all. The reasonable price that it is offered for makes it totally worth it.

Universal Wireless Range Extender

YINet AC750 750Mbps Universal Wi-Fi Extender
Wireless Dual Band Range Extender

View and Buy it Now

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