GPS Kids Smartwatch Safety Tracking Wristband

Have you ever been in a situation when your children aren’t home, when it’s already too late, and they don’t have any phones? In order to avoid panicking in these situations, the children should wear GPS trackers – compact wearables that look like watches. Now, we’re about to review safety gadget – Q50 Smart Anti-Lost GPS Kids Smartwatch Safety Tracking Wristband.

This gadget doesn’t do anything peculiar – it tracks its owner via GPS. Actually, Q50 uses GPS and LBS double location for more accurate positioning. The safety zone is within 500 meters and if your kids leave this zone, an alert will come to our smartphone. Even if someone takes the watch off you kid’ wrist, you’ll be notified about it.

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GPS Kids Smartwatch for Safety

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Also, the gadget can serve as a phone itself. After adjusting the settings, parents will be able to call their kids on the watch from the accompanying smartphone app. If necessary, kids can call their parents as well by pressing the SOS button. An important feature here is the walkie-talkie mode when kids can parents can talk to each other or send voice messages.

GPS Kids Smartwatch review

Q50 is a bit of a fitness tracker too – it counts steps, measures the distance and amount of burned calories along with monitoring sleep. Based on received information in the app, parents can actually control the health of their kids: make their sleep better or tell them to be more active.

All in all, Q50 is an ideal candidate for this job. Because it’s bright, kids will love this gadget immediately and it may actually save them afterwards.

Smart Anti-Lost GPS Kids Smartwatch
Safety Tracking Wristband

Safety Tracking Wristband

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