Anti-Lost Smartwatch for Kids GPS Tracker

As parents, we always care about the safety of our children. That’s why if they don’t come back home in the evening, we start to worry. Thankfully, modern gadgets can solve this problem. One of the simplest ways to ensure safety of your kids is a GPS tracker. Today, we’re reviewing Anti-Lost Smartwatch for kids.

Kids GPS Tracker

Anti-Lost Smartwatch GPS Tracker for Kids
SOS Security Alarm Monitor

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This anti-lost alarm monitor is a perfect device for kids. Basically, it’s watch that you wear your wrist. However, instead of clockface, this gadget has a 1-inch LED display that shows time, date, battery level, and so on. The device comes in three bright colours, suiting ideally for kids. Anti-Lost Smartwatch for Kids

The main purpose of this gadget is tracking its owner. In any emergency situations, the person, who wears the tracker, has to press the SOS button on the left side of the device. After that, an alerting message will come to the guardian’s phone. Just make sure that you’ve installed the app on your smartphone. GPS tracking in this gadget is quite precise, it works all the time and its frequency ranges from 850 to 1900 MHz.

Other than that, users can actually call each other using this tracker and setting up three affection real-time call number. The built-in microphone is highly sensitive, so two-way conversations are quite clear. Besides, the GPS mode doesn’t drain the battery. On the contrary, the smart power saving system prevents the tracker from losing too much charge.

Along with its safety features, this tracker has a few health functions. The tracker serves also as a pedometer – it counts steps of the user. Plus, it can monitor quality of sleep. The information is then transmitted to the smartphone app.

Anti-Lost Smartwatch

Anti-Lost Smartwatch GPS Tracker for Kids
SOS Security Alarm Monitor

View and Buy it Now

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