Yota 3 – YotaPhone 3

Last month, a long-awaited two-display smartphone YotaPhone 3 was spotted for the first time on the benchmark Geekbench. The specs of the device were revealed there but the design was still a secret. Now, BaoliYota Technologies, one of the shareholders of Yota Devices, published the first photos of YotaPhone 3. Here is a brief review.

YotaPhone 3 photo

According to the photos, the phone will be quite elegant. The body definitely looks thinner. Apart from that, we can see a bigger display and a camera on the back. And of course, the phone kept its trademark feature – a second E-Ink display on the rear side, which now looks even more advanced. Interesting fact, Yota Devices may slightly change the name of the upcoming device – shorten it to Yota 3.

YotaPhone 3

As a reminder, the smartphone will get a 5-inch Full HD display, octa-core Snapdragon processor, 4GB RAM, 64/128 GB storage and a dual Yota OS 3.0 operating system based on Android 7.1. If the latest statements are true, the smartphone will be presented in late summer. Subscribe to the news feed to learn more about YotaPhone 3.
Source: vk.com/yotaphone.club

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