Best Selling Wireless Router WiFi Range Extender

In the 21st century, we are all big internet users. Mostly all homes, coffee shops, offices, and other public places have WIFI connection. To be provided with great connection and fast wireless performance, a high quality router is needed. In this review we looked at one of the best selling the Wireless Router Tenda A300 Universal WiFi Range Extender.

This wireless router is offered in the basic neutral white color. It has a perfect design and is easy to install. No CD is required and it is very easy to plug into any wall outlet. When ordering, one can choose whether they need a European or a US adapter. Especially with the 110mm X 55mm X 39mm dimensions, it allows one to conveniently place it and it perfectly fits with any decor and interior. This Tenda wireless router supplies with a 300Mbps wireless performance. This makes it perfect for watching videos, movies and playing favorite games.

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Universal WiFi Range Extender

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The network bridge helps to avoid running network cables and allows to connect different kinds of wired devices such as an internet enabled tv or a Blu-ray player. The WIFI signal display allows one to locate where the best place is in order to receive the best range of the current WIFI network. This router is compatible with 802.11b/g/n devices and it supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryptions.

Wireless Universal WiFi Range Extender review

As well as that, this router has great wireless security to protect other users from using one’s personal WIFI. The security can be enabled or disabled. Last but not least, this Tenda Wireless router has a range extender button for full convenience and a reset button, in case the router does not work like one would prefer or has any other problems.

Overall, this Tenda A300 Wireless Router is very convenient for anyone that needs a high quality router to supply them with quick WIFI. It will also secure the access from other users and is easily installed. Previous users are leaving positive feedback and we would recommend it!

Tenda A300 300Mbps Wireless WiFi Router
Universal Range Extender US / EU Plug

Universal Router WiFi Range Extender

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