Wireless Keyboard Cover for Phones Universal Keyboard Case

We often need to do work on our mobile devices, especially since often we cannot carry out laptop computers, and tablets along. It can be very uncomfortable and inconvenient to type on the mobile devices. And for this, we need a wireless keyboard to go along. In this review we looked at wireless keyboard cover for phones – Universal Bluetooth Keyboard Case.

Phones Universal Keyboard Case

Wireless Keyboard Cover for Phones in 4.5”- 6.5”
Universal Bluetooth Keyboard Case

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To begin with, this case is offered in four different colors: Black, White, Blue, and Red. These colors are neutral and will most likely fit anyone’s preference type. As well as that, this case has a great design. The PU leather material is very soft and is good to the feel. The buckle provides not only security of the mobile device, but also adds a little bit of style to the case cover.

Wireless Keyboard case for Phones

Best of all, this case is 227 X 140 X 30mm in dimensions which makes it compact, and not bulky like many other cases can be. On the other hand, this case cover fits most mobile devices that are 4.5 – 6.5 inches. The stand holds the mobile devices in place and secure so they will not move or fall out. After doing that, the user can just connect their mobile device to the keyboard via bluetooth and can start typing away.

Wireless Keyboard cover for Phones

The keyboard is wireless and even has an effective distance of 10 meters. To add to that, it has a built in lithium battery that can easily be recharged with an Android like cable. After fully charge, the keyboard will last for quite a long time. Last but not least, this case cover has a wonderful mount to keep the case standing and provide with a 60 degree viewing angle.

To say the least, this case cover with a wireless bluetooth keyboard for 4.5 – 6.5 inch mobile devices is a wonderful item. It will protect the mobile device and will provide with convenience when typing, viewing and so on. It is also receiving positive feedback from previous users and is offered for a reasonable price on the market!

Wireless Keyboard for Phones

Wireless Keyboard Cover for Phones in 4.5”- 6.5”
Universal Bluetooth Keyboard Cas

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