Best Selling Phone Silicone Pad Car Charging Mount

Smartphones became very important devices for drivers, even replacing GPS navigators. But what would you do if the battery runs low? You can’t charge the phone and still use it as a navigator. Thanks to a functional accessory from Remax. Here’s our review of one of the Best Selling Car Smartphone Stands – Remax Phone Silicone Mount Car Charging Pad.

Basically, this accessory is a piece of silicone that you put on a car dashboard. Because of the material, the stand doesn’t slip – it attaches to a dashboard very safely. The silicone pad has special holders securing your phone in a horizontal position. The stand is compatible with any smartphones including iPhone, Samsung, and so on. The phone is held at a comfortable angle, so that you could still look at it while driving. If necessary, the angle can be adjusted by the driver.

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Car Charging Mount

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At the same time, the accessory serves as a charging dock. The stand comes with a special cable that has a USB connector on one side and a magnetic connector on the other. The magnetic part is installed into the hole in the silicone pad, to which you attach the charging cable. The USB part is plugged into the port in the car. After that, you can mount the phone on the stand, connect it, and charging begins.

Smartphone Silicone Pad Car Charging Mount

By the way, the charging cable is universal – it has both microUSB and Lightning. The connection is efficient and secure. The current and voltage figures are 5V and 2A, so a smartphone is charged quite fast. Remax silicone charging stand is a cool accessory for drivers who often use smartphone on the go. With this product, using a smartphone in a car will become much easier.

Soft Silicone Magnetic Adsorption Phone Stand
Smartphone Silicone Pad Car Charging Mount

Smartphone Silicone Pad for car

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