Smart Cooktop Portable Cooking Induction Stove

Smart devices are making our life simpler in all spheres. For example, modern kitchens already have super smart fridges, dishwashers, and so on. Another smart kitchen device was shown recently and it’s a real catch for culinary enthusiasts. The company Buzzfeed Product Labs announced a Smart Cooktop Portable Cooking Induction Stove, called Tasty One Top. Here is brief review.

Portable Cooking Induction Stove

This smart device will be especially helpful for beginners or people who don’t know much about cooking. The stove can determine itself the temperature of heating utensils and the food itself. This helps to accurately control the cooking process, and the stove copes with this task very well.

Tasty One Top supports Bluetooth for connecting to a smartphone. The smart stove comes with a mobile app (available for iOS and Android). The app contains more than 1,500 recipes with helpful advice and video instructions. Each recipe has a suitable temperature regime for a certain meal. For cooking, you only need to prepare the products and follow the video instructions. For example, Tasty One Top will help prepare a steak with necessary doneness – you just need to turn over the meat in time. Induction stoves are considered the safest, as only the bottom of the dishes heats up. Therefore, the device is suitable for beginners. In the future, you can switch to manual mode. Tasty One Top is already available for pre-order.

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