Mini Universal Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad

Many of us need to type and do various different work on our mobile devices, tablets, and laptop computers, and often it has to be done on the go. It can be inconvenient to type on your mobile device, or often even on the built in laptop computers. We all want to find a durable, long lasting, trendy, and convenient wireless keyboard. So, in this review we have looked at one of the best selling Bluetooth keyboards that we think you might enjoy. This Sungi Mini Universal Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad has many wonderful features.

To being with, it is offered in five different color options: Black, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Dark Orange. With this type of variety of colors, choosing one will not be a problem. This keyboard is made out of ABS and silicone material, which is very durable and great to the feel.

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Mini Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad

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The dimensions are approximately 152 x 126.5 x 18.5mm, which makes it quite compact and easy to bring along. Best of all, this gadget is not only a keyboard. It has a 3 in 1 multifunction and can be used as a wireless keyboard, mouse, and touchpad!

The touchpad is sensitive to the touch, and is very easy to use. The QWERTY keyboard has many multimedia shortcut keys for full convenience. Another wonderful thing about this gadget, is that it has an operating distance of 20 meters. This will allow one to sit further away, but still type on their device.

Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad

To enjoy all of these features to the maximum, the Sungi Mini wireless keyboard has a built in 800 mAh lithium ion battery which is easy to charge. When fully charged, the keyboard will last for up to 30 days of usage.

Overall, the Sungi Mini wireless keyboard is a fabulous item on the market. Since it can be used with a PC, notebook, Android TV Box, Smart TV, HTPC/IPTV, mobile devices and tablets, it is quite handy. The reasonable price that it is sold for is superb, especially with all of the features that are offered.

Sungi Universal Mini Wireless Keyboard
With Touchpad Mouse

Small Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad

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