Best Smart Battery Balance Charger

For different electrical or mobile devices, we need different batteries. Lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are mostly used in mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets. Nickel cadmium battery packs are often seen in portable electronics, toys and electric vehicles. All these batteries have to be charged, and there is a one of the best devices for charging and discharging –  Smart Battery Balance Charger SkyRC Q200. Here’s our review.

Battery Balance Charger review

SkyRC Q200 QUATTRO AC/DC 2X100W 2X50W Lipo
Smart Battery Balance Charger Discharger

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SkyRC Q2000 is highly functional charger with four independent circuits for charging 4 different batteries simultaneously. The charger works will many types of batteries, starting with the simplest lithium-ion and finishing with lead-acid. The paired channels (A&C or B$D) support power distribution in AC mode. Each pair produces 100W of power, which is divided between both channels in the pair. The total amount of power is 200W.

Battery Balance Charger
SkyRC Q2000 is quite smart and extremely safe. The charger can determine the battery’s voltage and internal resistance. It’s also equipped with an individual cell-voltage balancer, so there’s no need to connect an external one. Speaking of safety, the charger has an automatic charging current limit, capacity limit, temperature threshold and processing time limit. Besides, there are two modes for some battery types: re-peak mode for nickel-cadmium batteries and LiHV mode for charging and discharging new-generation lithium batteries.

Controlling the charger is pretty easy. SkyRC Q2000 has a small LCD display with understandable menu and clear descriptions. The using experience can be expanded if you connect the charger to a PC via USB. Apart from that, it has an accompanying smartphone app for total control of the charger.

Smart Battery Balance Charger

SkyRC Q200 QUATTRO AC/DC 2X100W 2X50W Lipo
Smart Battery Balance Charger Discharger

View and Buy it Now

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