Smart Bike Speedometer Wireless Bicycle Computer

Cycling is a hugely popular activity and way of transportation now. There are more than a billion bicycles in the world, so every seventh person on the planet owns a bike. But bikes get more technologically advanced and there are a lot of accessories for them. For instance, in order to see how fast you’re riding and how much distance you’ve covered, you need a bike computer. For this review, we picked a functional solution – Smart Bike Speedometer Wireless Bicycle Computer.

Smart Bike Speedometer

Smart Bike Speedometer
Waterproof Wireless Bicycle Computer

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This bike computer is equipped with a few key features. Obviously, its main purpose is to show you the speed, trip distance, riding time, current time, number of wheel rotations, and so on. What’s more, the computer can actually show how many calories you’ve burned while cycling. The computer is easily installed on the included mount, then it takes a couple of minutes to adjust the settings and you’re good to go.

Smart Bike Speedometer Wireless Bicycle Computer

The computer is conveniently placed on the handlebars, so that you could see the display clearly. Besides, the device has a night light feature, which means that the screen has a high-brightness mode if you’re riding at night. That way, all information is still visible despite the darkness. The computer also copes well with another thing – rain. It has a waterproof body protecting the internals from moisture.

Wireless Bicycle Computer

In addition, the computer cares a lot about the bike and its owner. It’s easy to control your speed with real-time indication of acceleration. Plus, there is a speeding reminder for stopping a biker from going too fast. Another thing is a bicycle oil/maintenance reminder that secures the best performance and service life of your bike.

All in all, because it’s an affordable option for everybody and it’s compatible virtually with any bike (including electric ones and motorcycles), this bike is a great deal for all cycling enthusiasts.

Smart waterproof Wireless Bicycle Computer

Smart Bike Speedometer
Waterproof Wireless Bicycle Computer

View and Buy it Now

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