LED Backlit Retro Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard

Keyboards aren’t the most stylish accessory in the world. Most of them look quite ordinary but it doesn’t mean that keyboards can’t look good. In fact, there are a few vintage retro-styled keyboards on the market and one of them was made by Magicforce. Here’s LED backlit retro typewriter style Magicforce Mechanical Keyboard review.

Magicforce mechanical keyboard is truly a piece of vintage art. Basically, it’s an aluminium alloy plate with 68 ABS plastic keycaps on it, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. All keycaps are rounded and slightly uneven for comfortable typing. On the whole, the keyboard looks very much like a typing machine, but with a few modern additions.

First of all, this stylish vintage keyboard has a white backlight, so it’s possible to use it in the dark. The level of brightness can be adjusted by the user. Plus, the keyboard has a breathing mode when the backlight fades and lights up again. The breathing frequency is also adjustable.

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LED Backlit Retro Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard

Magicforce 68 Keys Vintage LED White Backlit
Retro Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard

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Second, the mechanical keyboard comes with three DIP switches allowing you to change certain keycaps (Caps Lock with left Ctrl or the Windows key with the Functions) or disable the Windows key. Speaking of the keycaps, their input speed can be regulated as well. The user gets 3 different speeds to choose from depending on the activity.

The keyboard is compatible with all PCs as long as they run Windows. It can be your loyal assistant considering that the switch life cycle is estimated around 55 million. That’s why this mechanical keyboard can not only brighten up your desk but also be quite efficient at working.

LED Backlit Retro Typewriter Keyboard

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