GPD Pocket PC Windows 10 GamePad Tablet

Gaming is a one of popular activities. Many enjoy playing their favorite game on their laptop computers. And today, we have reviewed a wonderful item, which might make the gaming activity more enjoyable and handy. The GPD Pocket PC Windows 10 Gamepad Tablet is a compact 5.5 inch laptop.

This gamepad laptop has a Windows powered system and a built in Intel Atom X7-8750 Quad Core for fast and quick usage. 1280 X 720 screen resolution will provide with bright, sharp and clear display. The laptop has a 64 GB capacity but can be expanded up to 128 GB with a TF card. 6700mAh Non-removable Li-PO battery will provide with plenty of hours of gaming or usage.

Windows 10 Tablet Gamepad

GPD Pocket PC WIN 64GB Intel Atom X7-8750
Quad Core 5.5 Inch Win 10 OS GamePad Tablet

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The easy charging with a USB cord will provide with up to 80 hours of music time, 8 hours of online video, 6-8 hours of online gaming and up to 672 hours in standby mode. Best of all, this gamepad will provide with the greatest gaming experience. It has a classic D-pad, original ALPS 3D analog sticks for PSV buttons, A/B/X/Y buttons, and a L1/L2/R1/R2 switch.

Windows 10 GamePad Tablet review

This will allow to play most PC games. As well as that, this gamepad works as a regular laptop. It has a full functioning keyboard with convenient keys for typing and searching the internet. The 4.1 Bluetooth will allow to connect to different earphones to enjoy favorite audio.

GPD Pocket PC review

This gamepad can also be connected to the TV via a HDMI C type cable. This will provide with the option to watch different movies or play PC games with a Bluetooth PC game controller. One other wonderful feature, is that this gamepad only weighs 365 grams and will fit perfectly in any pocket or bag. GPD Pocket PC Windows 10 Tablet Gamepad review

Overall, the GPD WIN GamePad is a convenient device for all that enjoy gaming, surfing the internet or doing a certain job on the computer. This Gamepad is high quality, long lasting and provides with a wonderful experience when using it. This GamePad and laptop in one is receiving wonderful reviews from other users and we recommend it to you!

GPD Pocket PC WIN 64GB Intel Atom X7-8750
Quad Core 5.5 Inch Win 10 OS GamePad Tablet

GPD Pocket PC Windows 10 Tablet Gamepad

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