Smart Health Bracelet Waterproof Bluetooth Wristband

Technologies take an important place in our lives because they are multifunctional and make our routine easier. So no wonder that smart bracelets are becoming more popular. That’s because people want to know not only information about the devices but about their own health and condition as well. Study the review of this smart health bracelet P1 Waterproof Bluetooth Wristband and feel the difference what it is and how to use it.

Smart Health Bracelet

Smart Health Bracelet Waterproof Bluetooth Wristband
Heart Rate Blood Monitor

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The first thing to mention about this device is its design. It looks stylish, modern and absolutely elegant without extra massive details. The band is made of silicone and screen of PC, but this bracelet is waterproof, so feel free to use it in rainy weather, while showering or swimming. It will be still working and monitoring your health. Though the main color is black, 6 colors are available for detail framing: orange, red, green, blue, gray and black.

You can be really impressed by the included functions. This bracelet has a blood pressure and heart rate monitors. If you want to know real-time heart rate, press and hold heart rate page 2 seconds or see the all-day heart rate. No need to use traditional monitor devices cause double green light senor shows you the accurate result of your blood pressure. Besides it has storage history data.

Smart Health Bracelet Waterproof Bluetooth Wristband

Sport data is also included to see how active you are during a day, a week or a month. There you can find synchronize data, pedometer, sport track, calories burned and set goals for future.

The real synchronization is achieved by excellent Bluetooth transmission. No more checking of you phone every second because this smart bracelet shows you the calls and messages vibrating. By the exclusive app you can monitor all the statistics in your phone.

A display mode is available in 2 ways: a vertical screen and a landscape. Choose what suits you best.

This device is worth every dollar you spend because it’s a good friend to monitor your health and level of activity.

Waterproof Bluetooth Wristband

Smart Health Bracelet Waterproof Bluetooth Wristband
Heart Rate Blood Monitor

View and Buy it Now

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