Durable Outdoor Vkworld Stone V3S Quad Band Phone

Travelling and extreme trips can be a real test for our sensitive smart phones. So going to explore the world you should be sure that your phone can handle different conditions. VKWORLD Stone V3S meets all the requirements of a picky buyer. If you are skeptical, study the review of this most durable outdoor Rugged Phone and be amazed.

The first important thing to mention about this phone is its reliability. The name “stone” isn’t random. VKWORLD Stone V3S is water and dust-proof. It means that it can keep out daily water and dust damage. You don’t have to worry about daily water splash. Also you can easily use this phone in deserts or sandstorms.

Ice and snow aren’t enemies for this device because it has low temperature protection. Unlike most phones which turn themselves off in low temperature environment, it can stand up against harsh weather conditions. This function is very useful for people living in high-latitude area like North Europe, Siberia and Canada etc.

The design of VKWORLD Stone V3S is one more great advantage because it better and stronger than ever. This phone is tough enough to stand impacts and from daily normal height. The dual hardened metal frames and strong exterior can protect the interval parts from destruction. The phone is extremely solid.

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VKWORLD Stone V3S Durable Phone

VKWORLD Stone V3S Quad Band Phone
Durable Outdoor Phone

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Vkworld Stone V3S Dual SIM
Durable Outdoor Rugged Phone


Outdoor Shatterproof Waterproof Rugged PhoneOutdoor Waterproof Rugged Phone

You can easily take this device in a longtime journey or adventure and don’t think about charging because its battery is dense and power-efficient, which guarantees the long battery life of the device. The battery is 2200 mAh and in standby mode it can last for 25 days.

The next peculiarity of this model is the 2530 box speakers. Because of bigger size, the sound is much louder and clearer. It really can be a qualified mini music player. Though the memory of the phone is 64 Mb, you can enlarge it using external Micro SD/TF card up to 8GB and download your favorite songs by USB or Bluetooth which are also supported. FM radio is available as well.

It’s really easy to use the navigation of the phone by the physical keyboard. Every key is covered with transparent resin coating to reduce possible crevice and damage. Mistyping is not a problem anymore.

There are 2 flash lights on the top of VKWORLD Stone V3S. They can give out strong light to help your eyesight in darkness.

What is more this model supports 2 sim-cards and has several colors available: black, blue, orange and green. Also there are several languages to choose. As you can see with this phone the adventure is on again. Feel free to join.

Outdoor Shatterproof Rugged Phone

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