Smart Sports Wristband P1 Fitness Smartwatch

Choosing a fitness tracker can be a bit difficult considering how many of them there are on the market. If you’re ready to spend a bit more, there are great Smartband gadgets from Garmin, FitBit or Withings. As for affordable options, we’re about to review one now – Smart Sports Wristband P1 Fitness Smartwatch.

This Smart Sports Wristband seems like a pretty standard device with a usual set of specs but it packs a few surprises. On one hand, it does everything that every normal tracker is capable of – counting steps, measuring distance, monitoring sleep, alerting the user with notifications about incoming calls or messages, serving as an alarm clock, and so on. Obviously, the tracker comes with an app where all the information is stored. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices

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Smart Sport Wristband Fitness Tracker

Smart Sport Wristband P1 Fitness Tracker
Heart Rate Blood Monitor Waterproof IP67

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On the other hand, this P1 Smart Fitness Smartwatch has three health functions that you’d rarely get in a device in this price category. Firstly, it can accurately measure heart rate using a photoelectricity heart rate sensing technology. Secondly, it monitors blood pressure during the day. Thirdly, it can measure blood oxygen level. All these 3 health indicators are measured in real time, and the data always comes to the app where you can observe the numbers and find out if there are any health issues. Basically, the app becomes your personal medical journal.

Apart from its health functions, the tracker has three different display modes that you can customize yourself, it boasts a pretty long battery time (10-15 days) and it needs to be charged, you can just disassemble it and plug into a USB-port of a laptop.

All these features make the P1 Smart Sports Wristband P1 Fitness Smartwatch a worthy choice for anybody. If a cheap and simple fitness tracker with additional medical features is what you’re looking for, this is the device that deserves your attention.

Smart Sport Wristband P1 Fitness Smartwatch
Heart Rate Blood Monitor Waterproof IP67

Smart P1 Sport Wristband

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P1 Fitness Tracker

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