Safer Life With Functional Mini GPS Tracking Gadget

Different devices become more popular every year because people want to make their lives simple and safe and of course they like trying some new devices. So no wonder that GPS trackers are so popular this time. If you have a chance to protect your property or your life, won’t you do it? This is your safe steward. Study the review of this Functional Mini GPS Tracking Gadget and be amazed by its various advantages for safer life.

First of all about size, it’s really a mini gadget: 40(length) x 34(width) x 15(height)mm.
The function of GPS tracker is to tell you where exactly in the world this device is. It proves real-time tracking for your vehicle or for your child by GPS global satellite positioning system combined with NBR multithreaded indoor base station location with ensuring accuracy of 5-10m outdoor. The GPS locating time is 30 sec with cold boot, 29 sec with warm boot and 5 sec with hot boot. Tracking via: website, ISO app, Android app, SMS and more.

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Mini GPS Tracking Gadget

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Moreover this device can easily answer the question where you have been as the server can store history movement up to 3 months through the app, web and other way, enable you to enjoy the memories through the road and recall seen landscapes. Besides the function of geo-fence is included so any time this gadget gets into or out of the geo-fence, you will get alert immediately by SMS or app. Functional Mini GPS Tracking GadgetEight-storey IC design makes the positioning more precise and running more stable. No need to use SMS commands if you have a smartphone you can download an app and enjoy its simple navigation.

One of the important functions especially for parents is that this Small GPS tracking gadget can keep your children away from harm. It can binding 5 numbers, each of them can have voice monitoring and receive SOS alarm. Built in vibration sensor alarm with 4 levels of adjustable sensitivity sends you instant alert if abnormal vibration happens. Built in sound sensor has the same function to avoid loss and damage. The voice monitor is also included by a highly sensitive microphone for example to get your home status with a call any time. You can easily press for SOS when its needed. It also has low battery alert, sound sensor burglar alarm and SIM- changing alert.

This RF-V8S Mini GPS GSM Tracker is a perfect thing for those who want to control their life completely. Get you helper and use all of its functions.

RF-V8S Functional Mini GPS GSM Tracker
SOS Communicator Gadget

Functional Mini GPS Tracking Gadget GSM tracker

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