Xiaomi Dual USB Ports 3.6A Car Charger

People, who spend most of their time in a car, often need to charge various devices, like a GPS navigator or a dash camera. For these purposes, all cars have a cigarette lighter. But before using it, need to buy a car charger – a small, compact accessory. Normally, car chargers have additional USB ports for connecting mobile devices, like cameras, navigators and even smartphones. And if you’re looking for a car charger yourself, Xiaomi has a great option for you. Here’s our review of the original Xiaomi Dual USB Ports 3.6A Car Charger.

To be honest, there aren’t that many things that you want from a car charger: it must have at least two USB ports, be compact and provide safe charging. Xiaomi car charger has everything. Firstly, it’s equipped with 2 USB ports with the maximum output of 3.6A and 5V. Also, if you use only one port, the current output is lower (2.4A), which is safer. The charger is compatible with almost all mobile devices, including smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.), tablets, cameras, and so on. You can even charge a MacBook with a Type-C cable. In fact, the charger has a smart built-in chip that recognizes the type of connected device and adjusts current and voltage for more efficient charging.

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Dual USB Ports 3.6A Car Charger

Original Xiaomi Dual USB Ports 3.6A
Universal Car Charger

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Secondly, the Xiaomi car charger is a thing of beauty. It has a metal surface with an elegant silver look. It’s compact, practical and easy to plug. Plus, it has an LED lamp that shines in darkness, so that you could see that the charger is properly connected and works fine.

Thirdly, Xiaomi car charger guarantees the safety of all your devices. It has a 95% conversion rate making charging more effective. Besides, its five circuit protection makes safety the highest priority. The list includes over-current, short circuit, over-voltage, electromagnetic and over temperature protection. All these things ensure total security of connected devices.

Overall, Xiaomi car charger is an ideal companion for all drivers. It’s a simple device with great characteristics and also affordable price, so your devices will always be charged even if you spend the whole day in a car.

Xiaomi Dual USB Ports 3.6A Car Charger

Original Xiaomi Dual USB Ports 3.6A
Universal Car Charger

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