New Oukitel Most Durable Phone in the World

The Chinese company Oukitel is already famous for its smartphones that are resistant to literally everything. Plus, these smartphones are equipped with huge batteries ensuring long time without charging. Now, Oukitel is preparing new mobile device called K10000 Max.

New Oukitel Most Durable Phone in the World

The smartphone has two highlights. Firstly, it’s powered by an enormous 10,000mAh battery that we’ve already seen in other Oukitel smartphones. Secondly, the device has the toughest body – it’s shockproof and completely resistant to water and dust. The phone itself looks quite rugged – you can see that it can survive anything. The company even published a video where K10000 Max is tested in different environments. The smartphone copes with all tests easily maintaining its functionality. Unfortunately, other specs aren’t known yet.

So, when Oukitel K10000 Max hits the market (in a few months), it will be quite an event. This is truly a unique smartphone. It doesn’t only last long – it can also survive in any environment. Perhaps, travelers would really like this smartphone. Stay tuned for more information about Oukitel K10000 Max.

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