Z01 Smart Watch Health Monitor Classic Shape SmartWatch

Smart watches are also progressing and their are plenty of them on the market already. However, not all of them are of high quality and are worth the money. In this review we looked at a smartwatch that is receiving positive feedbacks from other users. This Smart Watch Health Monitor Z01 Android Classic Shape SmartWatch is offered in two neutral and well suiting colors: Silver and Black.

Made out of high quality and durable stainless steel material with a genuine leather strap, provides with a long lasting smart watch. The smartwatch has a MTK6572 processor for a fun and quick experience. The touch screen is 240 X 240 in resolution to provide with a bright and clear display. The Z01 smartwatch is also a health tracker. It comes with a pedometer, sedentary reminders, and a heart rate monitor. As well as that, this smartwatch supports Unicom 3G network and can be connected to WIFI. One can insert a micro sim card into it as well. There is even an app store, where users can download their favorite apps. However, some other built in features are smart alarm clock, notifications, and a voice control for hands free usage.

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Smart Health Watch Android Wear SmartWatch

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The GPS provides exact positions and a 3D virtual map to aid in getting around. Another outstanding feature is the built in camera. The new generation Sony camera is 5.0 megapixels, with a 6P lens, and a F2.0 large aperture. It is also supplied with an optical image stabilization for clear, and high quality photographs and video filming. The built in RAM of 1 GB and ROM of 8G will provide with plenty of internal memory space. 600 mAh battery will last for up to 4,5 hours of talking time, 6 hours of music time, and 120 hours in standby mode. Even with all of its features, this rounded square smart watch is 260 grams and extremely lightweight.

This Z01 health tracker smartwatch is durable, lightweight, stylish and will last a long time. We can recommend it to anyone looking for such an item, especially with how reasonably priced it is.

Z01 WIFI 3G WCDMA 500 Million Pixels Camera
Smart Health Watch Android Wear SmartWatch

Smart Health Watch

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