U10 Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Watch Sports SmartWatch

There are many different types of smartwatches on the market today. It can be hard to find the right pair, and one that will fit our criteria. However, we have reviewed a Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Watch that is receiving positive feedbacks. This U10 Sports SmartWatch is offered to buyers in several color options: Black, White and Silver. These colors are all neutral and stylish and will work great for everyone.

The Smart Wristband is 41 X 47 X 9.18mm and is very lightweight. The U10 sports watch has many wonderful features such as amount of calories burned, distance count, pedometer, sleep monitoring and much more. These are just some features that will help live a more healthier lifestyle.

In addition, there are features such as anti-theft alarm that will allow you to answer and dial your mobile phone without taking it out of the pocket and will ring an alarm if the phone reaches a distance more than 10 feet away. This will help prevent theft of your mobile device when one is in a busy location. If one is looking for their phone, they can located it thanks to the “Look for phone” function.

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Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch Sports SmartWatch

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As well as all that, one can listen to music, use an alarm, remote pictures and receive reminders of calls and sms. The smart watch also has a compass which will be handy when spending time outdoors.

Best of all, the U10 Smart fitness tracker is waterproof, so users can forget about unforeseen weather conditions or can plunge into a body of water. To enjoy all of the features, the watch has a built in 250 mAh polymer battery which can be charged in two hours and provide with plenty of time for usage.

Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch

All activities are tracked and reminders are received due to Bluetooth connection. The only negative side of this smart health tracker, is that it does not support the IOS system, and only Android systems.

To finish off with, the U10 Sports Smart Watch is a wonderful item for all active people, those who want to become more active or just want a convenient casual watch. It is durable, trendy, and offered for a great price!

U10 Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch
Sports SmartWatch for Android Smartphones

Waterproof Smart Wrist Watch Sports SmartWatch

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