Meizu PRO 7

The rumors about the new flagship from Meizu have been around for a long time, but finally the manufacturer confirmed the existence and the quick announcement of the gadget. Journalists can now check postboxes and find the invitations for the presentation of the upcoming Meizu Pro 7, and we hope to review this great device very soon.
The invitations are unusual because there are designed in the form of a box with a smartphone made of paper and they prove the presence of a small smartphone.

Meizu PRO 7

The tricky thing is that in the box except the printed render of the smartphone with the date and time of the presentation there is a large-format photograph inside of the sliding brick wall made of paper.

Besides having studied its model it is obvious that all of its front side has a black background with a small blue insert at the bottom. Maybe it is  a hint of the framelessness of the smartphone – in the style of Xiaomi Mi Mix.

One more teaser was published by the head of the Global marketing Meizu Ard Bowdelling on his Twitter.

The presentation of Meizu Pro 7 is planned to be next Wednesday on the 26th of July.

Source: Slashgear

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