NO.1 F3 Waterproof Smart Fitness Tracker Sports SmartWatch

Living an active lifestyle is an important key to staying healthy. Tracking the amount of activity is even more important. It can be hard to do so without the proper gadgets. However, we have reviewed best selling Smart Watch, the NO.1 F3 Waterproof Smart Fitness Tracker Sports SmartWatch, that is very trendy, durable, and convenient. This sports watch is offered in four different color combinations: Black-Blue, White-Orange, White-Blue and Black-Red. With this variety, we are sure anyone can choose one for their liking.

This smart fitness tracker watch is very lightweight with being only 53 grams and a side of 43.5 X 45.5 X 13.2mm. The silicone strap is comfy and strong. The LCD screen is 1.1 inches and provides with a colorful and clear display. Bluetooth compatibility of this smartwatch allows one to connect it easily and quickly to their mobile devices. This will allow users to track information on their phones, as well as stay notified of calls, messages, Facebook, Skype and other social media notifications.

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Waterproof Smart Fitness Tracker Sports SmartWatch

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Some other wonderful features of this smart watch is it tracks ones running, jogging, distance, sedentary reminder and calories burned. This will help stay active and fit. Other great characteristics is that this watch can provide with information about the weather, humidity, and altitude.

Smart Fitness Watch Sports SmartWatch

You can also use it as an alarm clock, stopwatch, sleeping monitor and much more. To add to all this, the NO.1 F3 health tracker watch is waterproof. By using a lock in crown, users can plunge 30 feet into the water, swim with it on, take showers, wash their hands, and this watch will still work perfectly.

The only not so great part of this watch, is that it works on a CR2032 button battery instead of being rechargeable. However, it will last for up to one year of usage until it needs to be replaced. The German Diaolog DA14580 chip will provide with excellent and high speed performance.

Durable and trendy smart watches are offered for a reasonable price on the market, and we would recommend them to our readers!

Smart Fitness Tracker Watch for Sport

NO.1 F3 IP68 Waterproof Sleep Monitor Pedometer
Smart Fitness Tracker Watch Sports Smart SmartWatch

Waterproof Sports SmartWatch

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  1. Safwaan Amansure // 17.02.2018 at 15:16 // Reply

    My fitness tracker does not track my heart rate. Is this normal or am I not doing something right?

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