Outdoor Shatterproof Vkworld Stone V3S Quad Band Phone

When spending a lot of time out in the nature, we are in need of a durable and long lasting mobile device. For this reason, we have reviewed an item that will be perfect for the outdoors. The outdoor shatterproof Vkworld Stone V3S Quad Band Phone is a waterproof rugged mobile phone made out of the highest quality.

The unique design makes the phone very solid. The metal frame along with the polycarbonate exterior, and tempered glass screen add to the durability. Due to all this, the Stone V3S works perfectly in low temperature conditions where most phones turn off when the weather is too harsh. To add to this, this mobile device is waterproof and dustproof. Users do not have to worry about water splashing on their mobile devices and can even use them in the desert or in a sandstorm.

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VKWORLD Stone V3S Durable Phone

VKWORLD Stone V3S Quad Band Phone
Durable Outdoor Phone

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 VKWORLD Stone V3S Waterproof Shatterproof Dustproof
Dual SIM 2200mAh Long Standby Mobile Phone

Outdoor Shatterproof Waterproof Rugged Phone

What is even better, is that the design makes it shatter proof. The Stone V3S is proved to work perfectly when dropped from daily heights from which most people drop their phones. Even with its solid design, the mobile device is very lightweight with a weight of only 105 grams.

Outdoor Waterproof Rugged Phone

The 2200 mAh battery guarantees up to 40 hours of music playing, 20 hours of talk time and 25 days in standby mode. Listening to music on the Stone V3S will become more enjoyable with the high quality speakers. The 2350 BOX speaker provides loud and clear sound with great bass. The large 21 key keypad allow users to prevent any typing mistakes and along with that is covered with resin coating to cut down on the amount of damage that can be brought to it. Another great feature, is that the top of the mobile phone is powered with two flash lights. This is perfect for the darker parts of the day. One not so great feature is that the mobile device has only 32 MB of memory. However, the memory can be expanded up to 8 GB with a micro SD card.

Outdoor Shatterproof Rugged Phone

Overall, the VKWORLD Stone V3S is receiving positive feedback from previous users. We can recommend it to anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors in the nature or just wants a durable, solid mobile phone.

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