Budget Outdoor Multi-Functional Rugged Phone

In everyday life we don’t think about reliability of our smart phones because we don’t need it, but what about some busy trips with different conditions? Can our delicate smart phones handle those conditions? The answer is no. So if you want something more reliable for you journeys study the review of this best selling Outdoor Multi-functional MAFAM M3 Budget Rugged Phone. You will be really surprised by its characteristics.

The main peculiarity of this phone is that it supports 3 different sim cards. It means that you can use 3 different numbers for different purposes and shouldn’t be afraid to miss the call with the talk time up to 10 hours.

A modern 2.8 inch TFT LCD display and a convenient key pad make you feel comfortable to use the simple navigation of the phone. It has an FM-radio and an MP3 playback to entertain your trips. With the box speaker you can just enjoy the quality of the sound. Moreover you can download your favorite songs.

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Multi-Functional Rugged Phone

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Though the storage of this MAFAM M3 is 64MB RAM+64MB ROM, it supports TF card with the maximum of 32 Mb. It also has Bluetooth and messaging so feel free to share different files. The powerful lighter can also be a useful function at night trips.

The great advantage of this phone is its battery. You shouldn’t even worry if you leave the charger at home because the battery is 4000 mAh. The stand by time reaches 30 days. But that’s not all. What is more you can use it as a power bank to charge your other devices. MAFAM M3 supports OTG so you can charge several devices at the same time.

Budget Outdoor Multi-Functional Rugged Phone


This phone is quite simple, but elegant and compact. The phone size is 137.2X63.6X29.5mm. The model has 3 colors: black, green and blue. So you can choose the color you like. The packaging as usual includes all the necessary things to start the usage immediately after the purchase. It has a phone, a battery, a charger and a screw. And the price is attractive as well. So no doubts, buy and enjoy using.

MAFAM М3 4000mAh 2.8-inch 3 Sim Cards
Standby Power Bank Outdoor Rugged Mobile Phone

Outdoor Multi-Functional Rugged Phone

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1 Comment on Budget Outdoor Multi-Functional Rugged Phone

  1. Soledad Salvador // 12.09.2017 at 13:45 // Reply

    I Do remember when the rugged ones were a rarity! Hahaha… to me the waaay cheaper-and now better- AGM chinese models online are the way to go :) .. but this was a decent device tho its price but ll prefer to get an x1 18k gold edition xP ( i know: demanding xD )


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