Light Transmitting Mechanical ABS Keyboard Keycaps

Keyboard is one of those things that the user always has contact with. But have you ever thought that your keyboard looks a bit dull? Of course, you can just buy a specific kind with adjustable backlight in different colours. But backlight is one thing – what about illuminating keys? In this case, there is a more affordable option and one of the best selling Light Transmitting Mechanical ABS 104 Key Keyboard Keycaps. Here’s the review.

When the keyboard at your house or office seems dreary and boring, these keycaps will help brighten it up. In this kit, there are 104 keycaps, covering the whole keyboard. Installation would take some time but the final effect is worth it. All keycaps are made of high quality ABS, so they are resistant to many things, like heat, moisture, and so on.

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Light Transmitting Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

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Also, the top of the Light Transmitting Mechanical Keycaps is milky white and the whole design is translucent. That’s why it supports light-transmitting. The color of light depends solely on the colour of the backlight in your keyboard. Basically, you can create your own combination of colors. Use your imagination fully and you can make a keyboard with all kinds of colors. The result will be quite eye-catching and stylish, especially when the lights are out. Besides, the material makes the light very gentle, so it doesn’t harm your eyes.

Illuminating Keycaps for Mechanical KeyboardLastly, the Light Transmitting Mechanical keycaps are standard, so they will fit keyboards from most companies. For example, the keycaps are compatible with Filco 104key, iKBC F104, G104, Armilo, Ducky, Rapoo V500/L/RGB, Cherry MX6.0 MX8.0, SteelSeries M260 M500, KEYCOOL, GANSS, NOPPOO, RK, and so on.

Light Transmitting Keycaps

Obviously, this isn’t the product for everybody. The idea of having a keyboard illuminating with different colors may seem a bit childish and unnecessary. Still, if you love trendy and peculiar accessories, you will enjoy this product. From now on, you keyboard will shine with all colors of the rainbow.

104 Key OEM Profile Side Printed
Translucent Blank Light Transmitting Keycaps

Light Transmitting Keycaps for gaming Keyboard

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