Bike Tube Frame Phone Case Bicycle Waterproof Smartphone Bag

There are plenty of people who enjoy riding their bicycles to work, school and for leisure. When doing so, we often do not know where to place our mobile phones and other small needed items such as keys, a snack, credit card and so on. To reduce bicyclists of this hassle, we have reviewed Bike Tube Frame Phone Case Bicycle Waterproof Smartphone Bag, that will be very handy pouch.

This Wheel Up Smartphone waterproof bag is made out of nylon material. As well as that, it is offered in Black and Red, or Black and Grey colors which are quite neutral and suitable for most people.

This Bike bag attaches to the front frame of the bicycle and the case fits most phones up to 6 inches in size. The reflective logo on the side will provide with safety when riding in the darker parts of the day.

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Bicycle Front Frame Tube Case

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The durable and long lasting material will provide full protection of any mobile device and the smaller items in the bag, especially since it is waterproof. With this being said, no weather condition can get in the way. The professional shading plate will allow riders to see the screen of their mobile device even in the brightest sun.

Front Frame Tube Case Bicycle Waterproof Bag

As well as all that, the bag is very easy to open. It does not open up like most bags do. Instead it opens up to the side which will allow one to easily access their items and will protect their mobile device from falling out.

Another wonderful feature, is the headphone hole on the bottom of the bag. This will allow the rider to plug in their headphones into their mobile device and enjoy favorite music on the go.

Front Frame Tube bag Bicycle Waterproof case

TPU touch screen on the case will provide with easy access to the mobile device. Best of all, this case and bag is only 140 grams which makes it very light and easy to instal. The Wheel Up cellphone case and bag is a very convenient item for bicyclists. It is durable, long lasting, trendy, and will fit all of the needed items.

WHEEL UP Bicycle Touchscreen Front Frame Tube
Waterproof Bag, Smartphone holder

Front Frame Tube Case Bicycle Bag

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