Best Selling Budget Smartphone Affordable Children phone

The phone takes a great place in our life because it’s the great instrument to solve different things. But are you ready to overpay because of the advertised phone? We are not. Let’s study study the review of one of the Best Selling Budget Smartphone Affordable Children phone – Anica A16 Mobile phone. This phone suits kids and schoolchildren who prefer to have a stylish but useful and functional device. It’s also good for those who spend their time out of the town.

The first impressive thing about this phone is its design. The arc-edge double glass mirror screen makes this model be reliable and elegant at the same time. The tempered glass screen has scratch resistance. The shell is made of 2 materials: plastic and metal, so it’s really pleasant to hold it in hands.

Smart touch sensitive keyboard allows you to enjoy the usage of the phone’s functions. You can easily use it at dark times with the white light of the keypad. The operation is comfortable and convenient.

This budget phone is really compact. Mobile phone thickness is only 3.3mm, which highlights this ergonomic and three-dimensional design. The weight of the phone with the battery is 47.5g. The battery is built-in with the capacity of 480mAh, so the stand by time is about 2-3 days.

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Best Smartphone Children phone

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Anica A16 Smartphone supports 2 SIM cards so you can easily divide professional and private lives using 2 numbers. The phone book can include 300 contacts, but if it’s not enough you can use the sim card storage. The talk time reaches about 3 hours. Sounds good for this unique mini spare phone, doesn’t it?

All the necessary phone’s functions are included. This model has a calculator, a calendar, an alarm, a recorder, SMS/MMS, 3GP/MPEG4 video files, MP3/WAV/AMR/AWB audio formats. The files can be transferred by universal micro 5-PIN USB and Bluetooth.

The memory of the Smartphone is 32 Mb, but Anica A16 supports external Micro SD/TF card up to 8GB for storing more files. Anica A16 has several languages. You can choose the suitable for you. And a variety of colors is given:  black, gold rose gold, blue and green. This Children Affordable Smartphone is created for life with comfort. Buy and use it easily.

Anica A16 Best Selling Budget Smartphone
Affordable Children phone

Best Affordable Smartphone Children phone

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