Outdoor Strong Signal Waterproof Rugged Phone

Trying to find a good device for a long trip can be a real problem because our everyday’s smart phones are too delicate to face natural phenomenon.  So let us introduce you the review of the phone, which can be a lifebuoy, because it has all the necessary characteristics. This is Vkworld Stone V3 Plus Dual Sim Outdoor Strong Signal Waterproof Rugged mobile phone.

Stone V3 Plus can support 2 standard-size SIM cards. From now on you can travel with 2 phone numbers everywhere.  It has the best signal reception so it’s impossible to miss an important call.

The memory of the phone is 64 MB, but it supports external Micro SD/TF card up to 8GB to save and share your files. Also the display size, which is 2.4 Inch, and convenient keypad allow you to use the usual functions of the phone with comfort. Besides you can easily send files by Bluetooth and USB. FM radio is included, which you can listen to without headphones.


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Strong Signal Rugged Phone

Vkworld Stone V3 Plus Quad Band Unlocked Phone
Outdoor Durable Waterproof Rugged Phone

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But still these are not the main peculiarities of this model.  4000 mAh battery can be the main advantage in long trips as it provides long battery life.  With unbelievably low power consumption chipset and system, the phone can last more than one month in standby mode. What is more it has the power-bank function that can be a life-savior for other devices. There are 2 USB ports on the bottom of Stone V3 Plus. The micro USB port is for charging and the regular port is for power-bank function.

But the real surprising thing is its reliability. You don’t need to protect this phone, it can protect you. It is dustproof and waterproof. The compact design of Stone V3 Plus can keep out most dust, sand and dirt from getting into inside. The USB  ports and headphone jack are well protected by the rubber plug. It can stand water splash, so feel free to use it in rainy days.

The material to built the exterior of Stone V3 Plus is actually modified nano-meter poly-carbonate which is significantly lighter but also tougher. It can protect the phone from daily dropping and scratching. And it is not easy cracked and bent like normal materials.

It also can survive extremely cold weather condition and still keep running like it does in summer. This is a phone born to challenge winter.

The main color is black, but you can choose the color for details: black, green or orange.

This phone doesn’t have the high price, but it has the extremely high reliability.  It’s up to you what the best is.

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