Outdoor Waterproof Rugged Phone Vkworld Stone V3

If you are an experienced traveler and choose active way or even extreme trips we are happy to introduce you a review of Vkworld Stone V3 5200mAh IP67 Outdoor Durable Waterproof Rugged Mobile Phone with Dual SIM Cards. The name of the phone “stone” is its main advantage, because it has all characteristic of a real stone. You can do whatever you want this phone will live forever.

It is not afraid of any splash, so feel free to use it in rain, in shower, in water area. Its water-resistance is so high that it can even stands about 30 minutes in water.

This model is also totally protected against dust, no more worry about sand, dirt, ash in the dessert and gobi. But that’s not all. It has great shatter-resistance. The strong construction and rubber material reduce the impact of collision. The phone is made of soft rubber material and has a zero-gap in every corner so it also avoids slipperiness.

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Outdoor drop proof Durable Waterproof Rugged Phone review

Vkworld Stone V3 Plus Quad Band Unlocked Phone
Outdoor Durable Waterproof Rugged Phone

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Vkworld New Stone V3 Quad Band
Outdoor Durable Waterproof Rugged Phone

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One more striking characteristic of this phone is its huge battery capacity, which gives you an opportunity to use it for 30 days without charging .The battery is up to 5200 mAh. Moreover you can use this phone as a power bank for other devices. It is a great excellence.

With 2 sim cards and talk time up to 72 hours you shouldn’t be afraid to miss the call. Extremely loud speaker allows you to hear any phone call even in the noisiest environment.

Outdoor shockproof Durable Waterproof Rugged Phone review

The 2.4 inch screen will let you easily read all your messages and use voice and speed dial. And 1.2 MP real camera allows you not only to send messages but also to share photos. The storage of the phone is 64MB RAM+64MB ROM. If it’s not enough you can quickly expand the phone’s internal memory by adding a micro SD card up to 8GB. Bluetooth is also given to provide easy communication with other devices. To explore the darkest places you can use the super strong flash light.

The phone is multilingual and has an option upgrade for more languages. The mail color is black, but you can choose the colour for details: green, orange or gray.

This phone is ready for adventures. What about you?

Outdoor Durable Waterproof Rugged Phone

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