Best Selling Outdoor Shockproof Waterproof Rugged Phone

Travelling around the world we don’t often need the expensive smartphone to feel comfortable and capture the moments of our trips. Today we review one of the best selling phones which is a must for an avid traveler – X6000 2.4 Inch Outdoor Shockproof Waterproof Rugged Phone. This phone is really for those who are in constant search of adventures because it can survive any conditions. This phone isn’t afraid of water and dust as it is waterproof, dust proof and shockproof. Besides it can survive a few knocks and bangs.

The signal is strengthen so you shouldn’t be afraid to miss the call even on the peak of the mountain. The call will be fluent. What is more it supports dual sim-cards. You can leave your delicate smartphone at home and have up to 2 numbers running through this rugged bar phone.

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Outdoor Waterproof Rugged Phone

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The great advantage of this phone is power bank. With large capacity, which is 6000 mAh, you never care about powerless and are available for important calls day and night. The stand by time is up to 40 days. Additionally the battery is detachable.

The interface of the phone is quite simple and has all the necessary apps such as calendar, calculator, timer switch, single back 0.3MP camera, mountaineering recorder, which helps you to record your journey and remember the moment. To keep your files you can use external Micro SD/TF card up to 8GB. It also supports audio/video players and fm-radio which you can listen without your earphones, just choose the favorite channel.

Outdoor Waterproof dustproof Rugged Phone review

One more plus of this gadget is a high flashlight. This function can be very useful for long dark journeys because it can light up the way to 50 meters. Useful functions as Bluetooth, USB and lock screen are also available. Also it supports different languages.

With 2.4 inch screen and convenient keypad you can easily dial numbers, send SMS/MMS and enjoy using the navigation. The type of the screen is TFT hard and the shell material of the phone is plastic.

Several colors are offered: black, green and orange. The choice is up to you. The package includes all the things:  X6000 Mobile Phone, USB Cable, 6000mAh Battery, user manual and a charger. So you can start using the phone right after the purchase.

Outdoor Shockproof Waterproof Rugged Phone,
Dual SIM Support, 6000mAh, PowerBank + FM Radio

Best Outdoor Rugged Phone

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