Best Selling 1600DPI Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

We are always using our desktop or laptop computers. With that being said, it is not always that we have a comfy mouse to scroll with. However, we have reviewed one of the best selling Wireless 1600DPI 6 Buttons Ergonomic Vertical Mouse for Laptops and Desktop Computers, which is receiving positive feedback.

This mouse is very unique in style and all of its other characteristic. First of all, it is offered in four various colors: Black, White, Red and Blue to suit your style and preference. One of the most different features of this mouse is that it is vertical. Holding the mouse from the side might be something any user will need to get used to.

Although, an ordinary mouse twists your hand. After long hours of usage, the wrist will be under a lot of pressure, and the user will feel numbness and pain. With the MantisTek Vm1 mouse the user’s wrist is in a vertical line with any flat surface, and no pain will be felt when using it.

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Best Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

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The ergonomic mouse has a highlight surface process, thumb groove, backward and forward button, right and left button, a scroll wheel, and a DPI switch. The 1600 dpi will provide with high sensitivity, and freezing with no reaction will be a problem of the past. The 2.4GHz wireless connection will provide with easy usage and no unneeded cords, and a transmission rage of up to 15 meters.

One of the only downsides of this MantisTek VM1 mouse is that it is powered by two AAA batteries. However, the mouse will go into intelligent sleep and wake up mode when the mouse in not being used. Such mode will help in saving the energy and will provide with a longer lasting battery. The 96.6 gram weight and 105 x 73 x 60mm dimensions allows anyone to easily take this mouse with them and use on the go. It is compatible with mostly all computer systems.

To end with, we can recommend this item. It is convenient, compact and will prevent unneeded wrist pain when working on your computer!

MantisTek 1600DPI Adjustable 6 Buttons 2.4GHz
Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

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