Tech News, Dual-OS Smartphone

A Russian company “Open Mobile Platform” introduced a smartphone that runs two operating systems. Actually, the smartphone isn’t new – the company used Sony XPeria X for demonstration. On this smartphone, developers managed to launch simultaneously Android and Sailfish Mobile OS RUS – a Russian protected mobile OS. In order to switch between the systems, users will have to restart the phone and choose the necessary OS.

In the future, this system will appear on other smartphones as well. According the company’s representatives, having two systems on a smartphone will be especially important for the corporate segment. Sailfish Mobile OS RUS would suit better for work while Android would still be used for personal purposes. That way, people wouldn’t have to carry two different smartphones all the time.

Sailfish Mobile OS RUS was based on the components from Sailfish OS – the system by the Finnish company Jolla. The Russian OS gained the highest certification from the Federal Security Service of Russia, which means that it complies with all requirements for the protection of confidential information.

Right now, developers are adding last improvements to the system. After that, the company plans to launch the system on other mobile devices which will be oriented mostly at government officials or corporate customers.

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