Unique Self-Charging Hybrid Smartwatch

There are a lot of different smartwatches that run Android Wear, watchOS and other systems. Now, even fashion brands are trying their best at making a functional smartwatch. However, all these gadgets have something in common – they all need to be charged. Thankfully, a Swiss start-up Sequent has a smartwatch that solves this problem completely.

Self-Charging Hybrid Smartwatch

As you may know, the watches can be different. Some of them need to be wound up, others run from a battery. But there are watches that can be charged from walking. This system is used in the Sequent smartwatch. This is a hybrid device combining a classic watch with a smartwatch features, like GPS, heart rate sensor, Bluetooth, activity tracking and notification system. Apart from that, Sequent is equipped with a kinetic mechanism that eliminated the need of charging the smartwatch. Instead, it is powered during walking. Basically, the energy collected from movement is transformed into electric energy.
Sequent still comes with a smartphone app where all health and activity data is displayed. Plus, the watch is actually water-resistant (up to 50m), so no rain or shower can damage it. Right now, Sequent is raising funds on Kickstarter where it’s possible to pre-order the gadget.

Auto-Charging Hybrid Smartwatch

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