Anti-Gravity iPhone Smartphone Case

Once you buy a premium smartphone, like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you become very happy. However, the happiness can instantly go away after you accidentally drop your precious phone. Some devices aren’t particularly tough, which means that hard hits can be lethal. In these situations, an ordinary case could save the day for the smartphone’s owner.

The usefulness of smartphone cases is undeniable. Thankfully, there’s so many of them now that it’s easy to pick the one that suits you. Most people go for simple back covers or bumpers, but they are actually missing out on some truly innovative accessories. These cases don’t just protect smartphones – they come with additional and, most importantly, practical features. One of the best examples here is the Anti-Gravity Phone Case for iPhone and Samsung by the company GOATcase.

Anti-Gravity iphone Smartphone Case

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for Apple iPhone 7/6/5 and Smasung Galaxy / NOTE

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Based in New Jersey, this brand started its life with an ambitious goal – to make the phone case industry interesting, stylish and fun. Even the name GOATcase is actually an acronym – “Greatest Of All Time case”. Now, the company has a diverse line-up of innovative mobile accessories, and its phone case is its proud representative. Here’s a more thorough review of this product.

Quite frankly, GOATcase phone case doesn’t look like anything special. But its looks aren’t important here because this case is all about functionality. GOATcase has a unique feature that makes it so distinctive – it sticks to any smooth surface to make your smartphone experience hands-free. Earlier, we reviewed a similar accessory, called Booncover. It was a tablet case with special stickers or boons that could be attached on flat surfaces to hold the tablet. The basic principle of the phone case by GOATcase is the same, but the technology is different. The company uses its own nano-suction technology to provide powerful holding force. That’s why the case is called “anti-gravity”.

Anti-Gravity Smartphone Case

The accessory works with most surfaces as long as they are flat and smooth, obviously. The case is particularly good with mirrors, glass and plastic. The suction with other materials, such as ceramics, metal or wood, is less efficient, but it’s only a slight drawback. Still, the applications of this case are limitless. The first thing that comes to mind is taking selfies. You don’t have to use your hands, so it’s easy to photograph yourself. Other uses mostly concern video watching. For example, when you’re in the kitchen cooking, you can attach the phone on the wall in order to watch a movie. The same goes for mirrors when women put on make-up or men shave. Let’s go even further – you’re lying in bathtub, totally relaxed after a long day at work. In this moment, why not turn on your favourite TV show on the phone? With the GOATcase phone case, you’ll be able to watch the show while the phone is securely attached to the wall.

However, what else does this case have apart from its strong suction? Of course, it’s a phone case, which means that it will protect a smartphone from scratches, moisture and drops. Yes, it won’t really help if you drop the phone from a considerable height, but at least your phone won’t be damaged that badly. The inner shell is quite tough and it’s also made of environmentally friendly materials. It means that after it’s done protecting your phone, it will be properly disposed.

Anti-Gravity iPhone 7 Case

Choose your GOATcase Anti-Gravity Phone Case
for Apple iPhone 7/6/5 and Smasung Galaxy / NOTE

View and Buy it Now

GOATcase phone case is compatible with the best brands: Apple and Samsung. The line-up includes accessories for all iPhone models, starting from iPhone 5. Other than that, GOATcase offers an anti-gravity case for Apple iPad, as a pair to your iPhone case. As for Samsung, all owners of Galaxy S5, S6, S7 and S8 can easily buy a case for themselves.

Overall, GOATcase is definitely true to its mission – the company really did brighten up the world of phone cases. Its anti-gravity case is a one-of-a-kind smartphone accessory with amazing functionality.

Both iPhone and Android smartphones cases by GOATcase are available for purchase on the company’s official website. There, you can choose the model and the color yourself. GOATcase offers free shipping for domestic orders over $50. However, the company takes international orders as well, which means that anyone in the world can enjoy this functional smartphone case.

Anti-Gravity iPad Case

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