Best Selling Smart Home Security Xiaomi Alarm System

We are always looking for a new item to place in our home for convenience and handy features. One of the Best Selling Home Security devices, the Xiaomi Smart Home Functional Gateway Alarm System is an item that we have reviewed, and can surely say that we would all love to have in our homes.

This multi-functional gadget is compatible with Android 4.0 and above, and iOS 7.0 and newer. All that needs to be done, is connect it to any mobile devices bluetooth system. The installations is easy as well. Just plug it in, connect to wifi, and set up any devices. This gadget works great in just about any country with an original AU plug and large adapter. It works best indoors and with working temperature of 0 – 40 Celsius degrees and working humidity of 5 – 95 percent. Now lets finish with all of it compatibility features, and get to the main point.

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Xiaomi Smart Home Multifunctional Gateway Alarm System

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This multifunctional center can be used as a radio, and with timing can turn off when someone is sleeping or when they wake up. Built-in light sensor provides with an option to use this item as a night light. There are many different color options for your preference, and they automatically turn on when the light setting in a room is low. As well as that, if needed this center can be connected and the sensor provides with a function to light and ring the bell when someone opens the door. It can also upload MP3 and record audio, which can also be used as a door bell.

One other function, is that it can be connected to an IP camera for viewing and reminder when someone is near your house. The sensors in this gadget, do many wonderful things. For example, they can remind one when their pet slips out, or light can turn on when someone is passing by. All of this just from detection of human and animal movement!

This Original Xiaomi Multi-functional gateway is rising in popularity among those who love improving their homes. Previous users are leaving only positive reviews. So if you are looking for an awesome new item with these wonderful features, we can recommend this gadget to you!

Original Xiaomi Upgrade Smart Home System
WiFi Remote Control Multi-functional Gateway

Xiaomi Multifunctional Gateway Alarm System

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