New Chrome OS on Google Tablets

In 2015 and 2016, there were a lot of rumours that Google is planning launch an operating system that will a combination of Android and Chrome OS. At the end of last year, Hiroshi Lockhammer, Google’s vice-president, said that the company wasn’t going to make one system out of the two. Still, the fact that Google is trying to make Android and Chrome OS closer to one another is obvious. For instance, in 2016 Chrome OS received the support of Google Play store and Android apps. Now, Google plans to integrate Chrome OS into tablets.

In the latest test assembly of Chrome OS, the company completely redesigned the user interface having made more similar to Android. If you click on the button in the lower left corner, the Google search will appear with the proposed apps. If you pull it up, it opens a list of running apps, and if you start typing text in the search bar, the corresponding apps and search results are displayed below – just like on Android.

Obviously, Google began redesigning Chrome OS specifically for touch-sensitive screens. In January 2017, the company’s representatives said that in the future we will see tablets and maybe smartphones running on Chrome OS.

Source: Engadget

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