Best Laptop Xiaomi Air 13 Notebook

The world of laptops is very much diverse. There are special devices for gamers, affordable options for basic tasks or light and long-lasting laptops for students, for example Chromebooks. Among the most famous brands, there are some that instantly spring to mind: Asus, Acer, Apple, Dell, and so on. However, there’s one more brand that is mostly known for its smartphones – Xiaomi. A year ago, the Chinese company introduced its one of the best Laptops Xiaomi Air 13 Notebook and here’s our review.

Xiaomi managed to pack a lot of stuff into this laptop. First of all, Mi Notebook Air is a really beautiful piece of equipment. The whole body is made of durable but lightweight metal. As a result, it weighs only 1.28kg. Add to that a 14.8mm thickness and you get an ideal device in terms of portability.

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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3-inch
Intel Corei 7-6500U (or i5-6200U) Dual Core
FHD 1920*1080, Bluetooth 4.1 Windows 10  Laptop

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Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3 inch, 8GB + 256GB + GEFORCE MX150
Intel Core i5-7200U Dual Core 2.5GHz, up to 3.1GHz

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Once you open the laptop, you see a vivid 13.3-inch screen. With its Full HD resolution, the display can impress all users with its visuals. Photos and videos will come alive and shine in bright colours on this screen. Plus, the display is fully laminated in order to reduce glare. On top of that, it’s extremely durable – the whole screen is covered with protective glass that boasts a really high hardness level.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air to buy

Inside Mi Notebook Air, there are also a few impressive things. The laptop runs on Windows 10 Home – responsive and perfect for multi-tasking. The core of this laptop is Intel i5 processor. Intel also provides its Turbo Boost technology – it can give you some extra power when you need it the most. As for the graphics, NVIDIA GeForce 940MX card ensures fast and quick performance which is especially important for gamers. Apart from that, Mi Notebook Air has 8GB DDR4 RAM (15% higher performance than DDR3) and 256GB SSD with fast transfer speeds of up to 1,500MBps.

Lastly, there are two more features that need to be mentioned. Firstly, the characteristic that is essential for any laptop user – battery time. Mi Notebook Air lasts for 9.5 hours from a single charge giving you enough time for the whole day. Secondly, the laptop has a fantastic audio system. It’s equipped with high-quality dual AKG speakers and supports Dolby Digital surround sound – excellent combination for watching movies on your laptop.

All in all, Xiaomi did a great job with its first device on the laptop market. Although it’s not as popular as laptops from other brands, it can be a serious competition to them because it has fantastic specs.

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