Earbuds In-Ear Headphones with Detachable Cable

Finding a high quality, long-lasting, and trendy pair of earphones for a great price can be a problem. Although, we have reviewed one pair that will satisfy all of your criteria in earphones. These KZ ZS5 HiFi earbuds in-ear headphones with detachable cable are offered in two various colors: Metallic Grey and Blue. These neutral colors will work great for anyone of any gender and age.

In-Ear Headphones with Detachable Cable

KZ ZS5 HiFi 8 Driver Double Dynamic Hybrid Earbuds
In-Ear Headphones with Detachable Cable

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The ZS5 technology is created to provide with the highest quality audio. The double-lap iron is composed of UHF dynamic iron, high frequency iron, low frequency iron ring and an intermediate frequency moving coil unit which all come together to provide with professional crisp and clear sound. These earphones also come with a microphone or no microphone option. However, the built in the microphone supplies with wonderful clear sound when speaking through it. It also comes with a play/pause, next button, volume button, and an option to answer calls and initiate voice control, for convenience when listening to audio or speaking.

Earbuds In-Ear Headphones with Detachable Cable

0.75 MM universal standard gold plated needle is especially customized for these headphones and will not break of easily. Some other wonderful features of these earphones are integrated prevention pull divider, 3.5 mm L bend plug, exterior design, tone quality, line setting, double dynamic and double armature configuration, as well as a one year warranty.

Earbuds with Detachable Cable, grey color

These earphones are also perfect for travel or busy lifestyle. They are extremely lightweight, and the detachable cable will prevent the earphones from tangling. Also the 3.9-foot cord offers flexibility and an extremely comfortable length for all users with a busy lifestyle. The earphones can be threaded through a jacket or bag. Compatible with iOS, Android devices and all 3.5mm jack devices will allow mostly everyone to be proud owners of these earphones.

Earbuds with Detachable Cable, metallic

Overall, anyone who is looking for a pair of earphones that will provide them with sharp and clear audio, will be long-lasting and durable, and will come with a stylish and unique design. These KZ ZS5 HiFi headphones will provide all of that with the well thought through technology.

Earbuds with Detachable Cable

KZ ZS5 HiFi 8 Driver Double Dynamic Hybrid Earbuds
In-Ear Headphones with Detachable Cable

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