Best Wireless Home Weather Station

If you too are a person who enjoys knowing the weather forecast and all of the other worlds details, then most likely you are looking for an item to provide with all of that information. We have reviewed Wireless Home Weather Station, that will do the job. Digoo DG-TH8888 has many wonderful features that we will introduce.

First of all, this gadget is only 167mm x 30mm x 130mm which is compact enough to place in ones home. There is a hole on the back for hanging it up on a wall, or a stand for placing on a flat surface. As well as that, it has a large LCD screen for high definition viewing. This gadget is powered by 3 AA batteries or through a special USB connector that is provided for the user in the package. It works best in indoor temperature range of 0°C – 50°C and outdoor range of -40°C – +70°C.

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Best Home Weather Station

Digoo DG-TH8888Pro Color, Outdoor Forecast Sensor
Wireless Home Weather Station

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The gadget will provide someone with plenty of needed information. It shows the exact time as well as much more. With this device, you will know the daily moon phase, and the accurate air pressure. You will also be given the exact weather forecast which will be displayed on the screen and has 6 different patterns. The indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity with real time monitors for accuracy. As well as all that, this gadget can be used as an alarm clock, when place next to the bed side, or can even be used as a calendar. All of that can also be backlit when connected to a computer or power plug, which will serve as ones best friend on your desk.

This Digoo DG-TH8888 portable weather station is getting fabulous reviews. It provides people with just the needed knowledge of what is going on with the weather indoors and outdoors. The LCD screen, and sleek body looks wonderful on a desk or on the wall. So if you are one that also needs an alarm clock and detailed weather forecast, then this item is recommended!

Best Wireless Weather Station

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