All Headphones Wireless with Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio

Although iPhone 7 received plenty of positive reviews, one complaint from users dominates others – there is no headphone jack. Obviously, users, who love wired headphones, were the most furious. The same problem occurred in the latest Xiaomi flagship smartphone Mi6. Thankfully, there are now many mobile accessories that can help.

Xiaomi Bluetooth Audi

For example, already mentioned Xiaomi recently released a gadget called Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio. Basically, it’s an adapter that turns any wired device into wireless. On top of the accessory, there is a 3.5mm jack for the headphones. After they are plugged in, Bluetooth Audio connects to a smartphone wirelessly transmitting music. The accessory can be put in a pocket.

The accessory supports Bluetooth 4.2 and comes with a 97mAh battery providing 4-5 hours of work. To recharge the gadget, there is a microUSB port on its lower part, which means that it can be easily powered up from a laptop or an external battery.

So far, the accessory is available only in China but it’s definitely coming to other world markets.

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