Smart Home Wireless Doorbell Kit Security System

Usually, when you walk to someone’s door, the basic way to announce yourself is to knock on the door or ring the doorbell. The latter is obviously more effective because this sound is much louder. Normally, doorbells are installed in any apartment or house. However, most of them are wired which causes inconveniences. For example, if you live in a big private house, it’s more comfortable to have two or more doorbells. In this case, installation is more complicated because of numerous cables.

Smart Home Wireless Doorbell security system

Thankfully, we live in the world where wires are slowly becoming obsolete. Now, it’s quite easy to find a functional wireless doorbell on the market. And you’re one of those searching for a good product, there is an option in this review that we highly recommend – Pecham Smart Home Wireless Doorbell Kit Security System.

Pecham offers three types of its wireless doorbell kits:

One Receiver – One Remote Button

One Receiver – Two Remote Buttons

Two Receivers – One Remote Button

Such variety of options is a huge advantage because it satisfies customers with different needs. There is a classic kit when one button activates one receiver. The second option offers more versatility. When you want to always be alerted of visitors, you can install the button to the side door. Plus, it’s possible to program the doorbell and choose different sounds for both buttons, so that you would know which door to answer. The third option is practical for owners of big houses. If you’re in the attic or a back garden, you may not hear the receiver that is installed inside the house. That’s when the second receiver comes in handy. It’s sort of like a Wi-Fi booster because it spreads the doorbell sound to all corners of your house.

Wireless Doorbell Kit Security System

All three Pecham kits have the same functionality and it’s excellent. The doorbells are sufficiently loud – you’ll always be aware of any guests to your house. All doorbells come with a huge selection of chimes – 55 options. It’s quite important for the kit with two buttons and one receiver because you can assign two different ringtones to both buttons. The sound volume is also adjustable – from 0db to 100db. That way, the doorbell will be heard around the entire house. The volume is regulated easily with a knob on the receiver.

Pecham doorbells always make sure that you hear their sound. When you’re out in the garden, you can rely on your doorbell and its long operation range. In fact, the sound can reach up to 300m in open space. Also, you can warn visitors to be more discreet by using light. It’s an equivalent of a “Don’t disturb” sign in hotels. In this case, the remote button shines blue light indicating that the house owner would like to have some privacy. At the same time, the receiver will give a friendly flash when there’s someone at the door.

Smart Home Wireless Doorbell

And of course, the biggest highlight of these doorbell kits is easy installation. There are no wires whatsoever and everything can be done without the help of any tools or professionals. The receiver is plugged into the power outlet (no batteries) while the button is attached to the surface with a double-sided adhesive tape. By the way, the buttons are perfect for outdoor use thanks to their weather-proof IP55 protection.

Having reviewed several devices by this company, we are certain that Pecham is a reliable brand with high-quality products. This wireless doorbell is no exception. The doorbell works seamlessly, so that you wouldn’t miss any visitors. No matter which kit you choose, you won’t be disappointed because it will serve you loyally for a long time.

Smart Home Doorbell security system

All Pecham wireless doorbell kits are available for purchase on Amazon. As usual, Pecham guarantees top quality of its devices. The company backs up its promises with an 18-month warranty and an opportunity to return the device if the customer isn’t happy with quality. After all, customer satisfaction is one of Pecham’s biggest priorities.

One Receiver – One Remote Button

One Receiver – Two Remote Buttons

Two Receivers – One Remote Button

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