First Automatic Toothbrush, Tech News

Dentists say that everybody should brush their teeth for 180 seconds. In reality, most people do it for 60 seconds or even less. Plus, not everyone knows how brush teeth properly, which leads to various dental diseases. The whole thing is about to change with a new smart gadget called Amabrush. This innovative device was recently launched on Kickstarter and it’s doing very well.

First Automatic Toothbrush, Tech News

Amabrush is the first automatic toothbrush in the world capable of brushing teeth in just 10 seconds. The device consists of 3 parts: a soft liner with bristles (person puts it into the mouth) a vibrating drive that operates the bristles, and capsules with toothpaste that is automatically applied to teeth with a micro-pump.

The detachable part of Amabrush is made of antibacterial silicone and is easy to clean with water. After thorough tests and studies, the company developed a unique teeth-brushing system. The device adapts to any jaw type. Everything that a person needs to do is to put the toothbrush into a mouth. One effective session lasts just for 10 seconds. The electric motor is charged with a wireless docking station, one charge is good for 28 teeth-brushing sessions. Also, the capsules with toothpaste will eventually end, so the company can provide more. One capsule lasts for a month.

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