Powerful Smart Wallet Smartphone Charger

American start-up Volterman launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo for the production of a very innovative mobile accessory – a smart wallet that charges the owner’s smartphone, tracks its location and photographs a thief if the smartphone is being stolen.

Powerful Smart Wallet Smartphone Charger

Volterman wallet features a built-in battery, a camera, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and RFID protection that ensures safety of credit cards from remote attacks by hackers. In addition, the smart wallet has its own processor, 512MB RAM, 32GB storage and protection from water.

The accessory also comes with a mobile app that allows user to connect the wallet to a smartphone via Bluetooth. If the distance between them is too high, the owner will receive a notification. In the case of theft, the smartphone’s location can be tracked using GPS. Plus, the photo of the thief will be available for the user. Moreover, the wallet can serve as a Wi-Fi access point which will reduce the cost of the Internet on the go.

Volterman wallet will be available in three sizes with a battery capacity from 2000mAh to 5000mAh. With its help, owners will be able to charge their smartphones with or without a cable if their device supports wireless charging.

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