Most Durable Lightning Cable for Apple Devices

The world is filled with electric gadgets. Some of them require constant connection to electricity sources while others are rechargeable but they still need a boost of power now and then. As a result, the world is also filled with cables. There are many types of cables and the ones for charging are one of the most widespread. Every time you need to charge your smartphone or tablet, you pull out a cable, plug it into the wall socket and the charging process begins.

Unfortunately, most charging cables have one common problem – they are catastrophically unreliable. That’s why cables are expected to break within the first year of use. This issue especially applies to Apple cables which are notorious for lasting very little. So, if you’re tired of constantly replacing your cables with new ones, it may be time to buy the most durable lightning cable – toughest Kevlar Cable 20,000 bends.

Most Durable Lightning Cable

Kevlar Cable is a relatively new device on the market. The American start-up with the same name just launched a fundraising campaign for this product on Indiegogo. Despite the fact that this product only appeared on the horizon, it has a promising future. And this review will tell you why.

The main point that this product addresses is durability of cables. It’s no secret that modern cables wear out too quickly. Interestingly, we can’t really blame them for that because we use cables all the time and carry them around everywhere. Therefore, to survive the hectic and chaotic lifestyle of modern people, cables must be prepared.

Kevlar Cable for Charging iphone and iPAd

Thankfully, this Kevlar-braided cable is. In fact, it might be prepared in the best way possible. In order to prevent damage and breaking, this cable uses TensileTubing technology for the connector joints. It means that the joints have extra reinforcement that allows relieving stress and avoid breakages. On both ends of the cable, just before the connectors, there are 3cm of flexible plastic – that’s what reinforcement means in this case. Plastic serves as a saviour here ensuring longer service time and ironclad durability.

Kevlar durable Lightning cable

Actually, in this case durability can be measured in numbers. During machine tests, this Kevlar cable showed amazing results – it can withstand more than 15 000 bends. So, you can take this cable with you and wrap it in any shapes – it won’t be damaged anyway. Plus, it won’t get tangled, so there will be no annoying knots every time you want to use the cable.

The Kevlar cable comes in one length – 1.2m (4ft). That’s more than enough for daily use. Also, because there are different connection types on smartphones, the cable has to adapt as well. Yes, iPhone users can buy this cable with a Lightning connector, Android fans will be happy with microUSB. What’s more, more and more smartphones are integrated with USB-C interface now. Fortunately, it’s not a problem for Kevlar cable – it has a USB-C model too.

most toughest lightning cable for iphone

And we shouldn’t forget about one advantage of this particular product. The start-up already made 6 000 of these cables and they are totally ready to ship. It means that as soon as the campaign ends (provided it’s successful, of course), the first deliveries will start instantly. It makes investing in this product even more attractive. And even if you’re dissatisfied with something, you can always rely on the company’s 2-year warranty.

All in all, if you have problems with cables non-stop, it’s definitely a reason to stop buying simple accessories and turn your attention to such accessories, as Kevlar Cable. With its TensileTubing feature, it isn’t afraid of extra pressure – it lives to be pressured. Not only can it take a punch, it can also punch you back with its extreme durability and unparalleled reliability.

Kevlar Most Durable Lightning Cable

All interested can support the Kevlar cable on Indiegogo. The fundraising campaign just began and the destiny of this fantastic mobile accessory is in your hands. Of course, it’s possible to pre-order the cable which is already ready to be delivered. Don’t waste your time and order the most reliable charging cable for your smartphone.

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  1. Received mine within days. it’s strong, sturdy and flexible. .
    It gets the thumbs up from me 👍


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