Urban Canvas Daily Bag Travel Backpack

Finding a trendy, comfy, and big enough backpack is often quite problematic. We have a review that is all of that. This Urban backpack is made out of solid canvas material. It is offered in five colors: Khaki, Dark Blue, Black, Coffee, and Army Green. All of these color options are neutral and would fit great for men and women of all ages.
Urban Canvas Bag Travel Backpack

Urban Big Capacity Canvas Daily Bag
Travel Backpack

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This backpack would be great for travel, hiking, camping, or being in the city. It weighs about 730 grams, so it is lightweight and perfect for heavy items. The dimensions are 31 cm in length, 45 cm in height, and 17 cm in width. The large dimensions make the backpack spacious enough but not bulky like many other bags. The main larger compartment is outstanding for placing larger items into. For example, your clothing, notebooks, umbrella, wallet and much more. As well as that, the larger pocket has a laptop compartment. It will protect any laptop, by keeping it tightly and securely in place.

Urban Canvas Daily Bag Travel Backpack
The medium pocket is great for storing magazines, or tablet devices. The smaller pockets work wonderfully to place any mobile device into. Therefore, it will not get lost in the larger compartments and will be close and easy to reach. The convenient water bottle holders on the side, provide users with the option to place a coffee mug or water into to stay hydrated throughout the day. Canvas Travel Backpack
Adjustable straps are a wonderful feature for those who prefer to have a backpack tighter or looser on their back. As well as the handle, which provides with an option to carry it. This backpack is very comfortable, but is stylish and trendy. The simple and solid prints are in style these days, but the metal snap button and plastic buckles on the side add a bit of uniqueness.
The Malibo canvas backpack is receiving positive reviews from previous users. The decent priced bag is high quality, modern, and large enough, but not bulky, to fit necessities.
Urban Canvas Daily Bag for Travel

Urban Big Capacity Canvas Daily Bag
Travel Backpack

View and Buy it Now

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