Build-In Mic Noise-Canceling Headphones

To fully enjoy the world of music, we need an outstanding pair of headphones. It can truly be hard to find a quality pair for a reasonably price. One pair that has been getting positive feedback from previous users, and that we have reviewed is the Build-In Mic Noise-Canceling Bluedio T4 wireless headphones. To begin with, these headphones are offered in three various colors: Black, Red, and White. These colors are very trendy and neutral to fit everyone and their liking.

Noise-Canceling Headphones with Build-In Microphone

Bluedio T4 Active Noise-Canceling
Build-In Mic Headphones

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The turbine 4th generation tuning technology is one that inherits the sound and optimizes the low frequency to provide with an outstanding bass. The sound of the bass is clear, sharp and calm. These headphones are empowered with 24Bit music transmit, 116 dB sound pressure level, 57mm drive units, 15-25,000 Hz frequency response, 0.3-3% harmonic distortion and much more. One of the best features, is these headphones reduce outside noise to provide with peaceful and detailed sound. Plus, build-in microphone will let you answer phone calls freely.

Build-In Mic Noise-Canceling Headphones

The type-C three in one interface supports full charging and transmission of data. In just 10 minutes of charging, the headphones provide up to 3 hours of talk or music listening time. In 1,5 of charging these headphones will last up to 650 hours in standby mode and 16 hours of talk or music time. To enjoy music, all that needs to be done is connect them to a bluetooth on any mobile device to be provided with up to 10 meters of transmission. This way you can enjoy these headphones wireless. For full comfort, they are supplied with a full rotation structure, and alloyed body.

Build-In Mic Noise-Canceling Headphones headset
Another wonderful feature, are the compact dimensions of 207 X 188 X 90 mm which makes them perfect for traveling, and using in a busy lifestyle.

These Bluedio T4 wireless headphones are offered on the market for a decent price. The outstanding quality of the item, and material that they are made of, provide users with sharp sound for full enjoyment. Uniqueness of the design makes them trendy for all!

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Bluedio T4 Active Noise-Canceling
Build-In Mic Headphones

View and Buy it Now

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