Samsung Smart Speaker – Latest Tech News

Smart speakers are gradually taking over the smart home market. Everybody is familiar with such names as Amazon Echo or Google Home. Plus, just a month ago Apple introduced its own speaker HomePod. Now, the family of smart speakers is about to have another representative – Samsung is developing its own device.

According to Wall Street Journal latest tech news, the Samsung smart speaker will be integrated with the company’s own voice assistant Bixby. The speaker has a code name Vega. Samsung has been making the speaker for a year already. However, due to the delay of the Bixby’s English-speaking version, the release date of the Samsung’s smart speaker isn’t clear yet. Also, the details of the design and technical specs are yet to be revealed later.

This is a proof that smart speakers are becoming more and more popular. According to WSJ, by the end of 2017, approximately 36 million Americans will use smart speakers at least once a month – twice more than in 2016. As a reminder, the first device like that was Amazon Echo which appeared on the market in 2015. As mentioned before, similar devices were made by Google and Apple. What’s more, even Microsoft with Harman Kardon is making the same device.

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