Best Design Portable Bluetooth Speaker

When choosing a wireless speaker, people usually go for portable devices that you can take on trips and turn on whenever you want. But if you’re looking for a speaker specifically for house use, you might want to look at other options. For example, there are a lot of multi-functional speakers which combine features of different household items. For this review, we have one very affordable option for people who sit at their desks at night – Phantom II by Nillkin Portable Bluetooth Speaker with the best design detachable LED Lamp.

As mentioned before, Phantom II belongs to the category of versatile speakers. This device is pretty unique, which becomes obvious right after the first look at it. The speaker has an unusual design with a curved “branch” that comes from the main body. But this “branch” is the main highlight of the speaker – it’s an LED lamp.

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Best Design Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Nillkin 2000mAh Touch Operation Rotated
Detachable Lamp HD Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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The lamp is ideal for using at night while reading or working. The light is very soft, it doesn’t hurt your eyes but still provides perfect light effect. Plus, the lamp actually saves energy, so it’s good for environment. And if you don’t need the lamp, you can always detach it from the body.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

But Phantom II is most importantly a speaker. It uses a customized sound hole design creating wider sound field and more powerful bass. The speaker can play music of different formats, like MP3, WMV, FLAC, APE, and others. No matter which format, the sound is always clear.

Design Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Phantom II pairs with mobile devices via Bluetooth to play music. The connection is seamless and stable. The bluetooth speaker itself can be controlled with a convenient touch-sensitive panel on the body. For instance, you can turn the speaker on/off, skip tracks, switch on the lamp or change its brightness. The speaker also boasts decent battery time – 5 hours of audio playback or 8 hours of lighting. In any case, a 2 000mAh battery can always be recharged via a microUSB port on the back.

So, Nillkin Phantom II is a real treat in the family of wireless speakers. At all times, it can play songs but it’s even more useful at night when you need the light.

NILLKIN Phantom II LED Lamp Bluetooth HD SpeakerNillkin 2000mAh Touch Operation Rotated
Detachable Lamp HD Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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